Monday, 23 January 2012

Eating right can improve the health of your brain

You are what you eat.  This is not to be dismissed lightly as a truism.

Dr Terry Wahls suffers from MS (multiple sclerosis) – a disease of the brain and one that has no cure.  Sounds familiar?   Dr Wahls declining condition forced her to go back to her medical books and  read papers on all research done for diseases of the brain.  Experimenting with herself, first with supplements and then with food, she found a way to treat herself.   Her disability has decreased so much that she appears as normal as anyone without the disease and she goes around the USA giving talks to teach people what and how much to eat to have a healthy brain.

Her suggestions are not just for those with MS but for healthy people to avoid developing diseases of the brain and the body.   Her diet is not something that we should do just for our dementia patients but for ourselves also.  

We all know there are health benefits in eating fresh fruits and vegetables.  Watch this video by Dr Terry Wahls to find out how much it benefits us.    I am impressed enough to make the change from today itself. I urge you to watch this video and decide for yourself.

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